terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2008

Slow Down

Just to work as a reminder to everyone. We sometimes should remember that there's a time to slow down and think of everything. Indeed there's also a time to slow down in our thoughts. Can we afford to lose a day or two organizing things inside us?

We'd better stop for a while and think of life, which is a poor thing yet all we've got. We should then take advantage of it taking into considerationg what someone has already said: we live only once, right?

Wish you guys, my 'readers' a good life, whatever it is for you.

sexta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2008

A Good Pretender

And I keep asking myself in moments of delightment and suffering: What is life after all?

Just a mixture of people pretending to be what they're supposed and expected to. There are moments when we get full of that and all we want is to get rid of this nonsense situations. It might exist in other languages such a good and proper expression as we have in Portuguese like:
chutar o pau da barraca, which means you quit caring about something.

Sometimes this is what I want to do about life. I feel like throwing everything into the air, but then I warn myself of my greatest and most interesting role in life:
to pretend.

There's a wonderful poem from a Portuguese writer and I'd like to put it in here and if you, who don't understand Portuguese, find yourself interested in it, you should go and find a good translator no matter what costs you'll have to pay.

The poem follows:

"O poeta é um fingidor.
Finge tão completamente
Que chega a fingir que é dor
A dor que deveras sente."

Fernando Pessoa

Isn'it perfect?

Just think about it! Email me if you have points to add to this thing we call: