terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2008

Slow Down

Just to work as a reminder to everyone. We sometimes should remember that there's a time to slow down and think of everything. Indeed there's also a time to slow down in our thoughts. Can we afford to lose a day or two organizing things inside us?

We'd better stop for a while and think of life, which is a poor thing yet all we've got. We should then take advantage of it taking into considerationg what someone has already said: we live only once, right?

Wish you guys, my 'readers' a good life, whatever it is for you.

2 comentários:

pipocassong disse...

Eu adorei essa música...
escutei hoje, num dia chuvoso, ao chegar do trabalho!
Não lembro de tê-la ouvido antes mas senti como se essa fosse uma música especial!
Belo post!
Belo blog!

Lucas Rigonato disse...

Que bom q gostou..

tava tentando ver o seu, mas nao consegui..

ainda sou leigo..