sábado, 13 de junho de 2009

An Orange Day

Warm and cheerful, but not hot. Full of joy, excitment, discoveries, fresh breeze, lights. Pleasurable tastes; no embarassment.

Life's just a mixture of different feelings. What we do is run after them trying to get a glimpse of what our fathers told us when we were little ones, and those are the result of what they heard in a time when they were but little beings. Whatsoever, being big is not an easy task. It requires hateful words and here I limit myself to cite only one of them: responsability. Towards beloved people and also (yet not less important) hated ones. Althoug this might surprise some this is something I feel inside. I guess it makes me human, despite of the ugliness I don't see in it.

Now life's become a mass and my tendency is trying to see it with good eyes. What is there after the horizon? Is it ever coming a time when we'll have a completely different scenary in front of us? Me? My greatest job sometimes makes me get weary to death. Shall I quit
Pretending? No, I shan't. After all, this is what I was born for... or have I misundertood it?

2 comentários:

Marco Túlio disse...

Such a deep reflection, my friend! I'm very proud of you. At the first glance, it seems to be sad, but, actually, I prefer defining your words as "voices from inside", that is to say, happiness. When we have some voices inside, no matter if they hurt us or not ... if we can at least externalize our feelings, they can only symbolize happiness. Some people can't do it so they are more likely to be sad since they can't externalize what they feel. In your case, regarding this last post, it seems to be you speaking to me. Really! I'm profoundly touched.

Best regards,
Marco Túlio (your brother)

Lucas Rigonato disse...

At least someone got the feeling I meant to expose.