domingo, 14 de junho de 2009

Ameba's Friend

Ride. Way. Rent Store. Orange juice. Pasta. Lunch. Friends. 27 Dresses. Broken sunglasses. Shopping Mall. New Sunglasses. Cappucino Milk-Shake. Faire. Puppies. Dispair (I so wanted one of them...). Home. Restroom. Water. Bedroom. Fear. Good-bye.

I've just had this wonderful day with a very special and lovely girl whom I happened to meet last year. I feel comfortable with her since I don't feel judged or awkard. I feel like she understands me. We kind of live the same experience but in opposite sides.

I also feel like I help her to comprehend some of the experiences she's been through and the same happens with me. In this way I know we've been being of great vallue to each other.

Besides, she's funny, intelligent, smart, talented, easy-going (ok, not always), beautiful, attractive, a wonderful company, sensitive, sensible, tall (=D) and etc.

As the days are passing by I'm getting to love her and miss her company.

That's all.

2 comentários:

Lara Neves disse...

Et voilà! Tu n'arrêtes pas de prendre mes sourires. La base de notre amitié est la vérité et toute la douleur qui peut l'accompagner. Ça blesse, pourtant ça fait du bien quand même! Merci d'être avec moi. Je t'aime bien, mon coeur.

Aurélio Araújo disse...

How good it is to spend a day with someone we like, huh?

After reading your post, Stephanie was the name that came to my mind. Wow, how good and sweet she is and how nice are the moments we share.

Hummm, I think I'll text her right now.