quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009


Being or not may be just a matter of showing oneself to the light of the universe. Light whose shinings can be reached by anyone who's willing not to vanish into nothing, on the contrary, showing willingness to never disappear when facing life issues and adversities. Being poetic and romantic is more than seeing everything in colorful and joyful shapes. Besides smiling at everyone what makes people authors is their ability to distinguish things that can be translated into words and things that can be translated into gestures. The fear of looking foolish in others' eyes prevents a huge number of poets from exposing themselves to the light of the universe. After all, every person on the face of this planet is looking for acceptance and care. Though they have demons inside they keep showing what others want to see: lies. The hipocrasy which each and everyone of us have to face uninterruptedly is disgusting. Religion must be the perfect mask for people to hide their ratty and shabby matters. Yet, not judging those attitudes we all try to get our place in this world even if the cost of it is to hide from the light of the universe.

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